I originally started this blog to document/ reflect/ share my stay in Sweden as a postdoc fellow at HUMlab/ UmeĆ„ University. Since writing my PhD I wanted to write a blog, but never managed to do so for various reasons. So moving to Sweden and working in a pretty digital environment seemed to be a good starting point. That’s why the blog was called “notes from the north” at first.

In the meanwhile I returned to Vienna and started working at the Institute of Technology Assessment (ITA) in Vienna. I thus changed the title into “notes from vienna” and started writing about local policy, but also international debates. To reach a broader audience, including my HUMlab colleagues, I decided to keep writing in English though.

The blog is primarly about new media, society and life, as the subtitle indicates. Its basic aim is to share conference experiences, publications, viewpoints on search engines, privacy and information politics in a more general sense. Sometimes I also blog about life in Sweden and Vienna. The opinions expressed on this blog are my personal ones and don’t reflect any institutional agendas.

So welcome to my blog! & feel free to comment on, challenge, complement, … whatever I write!!! I’m looking forward to that!

P.s. thank you Michael for helping me setting up the blog & taking the picture in the cafe.

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