liquid music

liquid-titelbild-94That was fun! Katja Mayer and I attended Liquid Music in Wies (Styria) this year and we took the opportunity to try out something new. Instead of presenting societal implications of biofeedback 2.0, we performed as “good bot & bad bot”. Following the logic of our written essay – yes, there’s a book too! – we personalized both euphorical (good) and critical (bad) socio-political implications of biofeedback out of the pocket; e.g. health apps, wearables etc. While doing this, we visualized our own biofeedback data with an installation by alien productions (Martin Breindl, Norbert Math, Andrea Sodomka) = Autoregulative Spaces. The Quantified Self, the core piece of the whole event.

Here‘s the link to the full program of the festival!

Foto 10.06.17, 11 04 09

Given the fun we had and the great feedback we got, we’re currently thinking about advancing and refining out bot performance.. so stay tuned!