media coverage

prfLast year, my work has been covered by various media outlets and events. First, the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) made a portrait/ interview with me on the way visions and values shape search engines as part of their series “Forschen für Europa”. This piece included a fancy foto shooting, as you can see here. Second, I was invited to take part in the panel discussion of the ORF Public Value event “Occupy Internet. Der gute Algorithmus” (together with Tom Lohninger from, Matthias Kettemann from the Hans-Bredow-Institut and Franz Manola from the ORF Plattformmanagement). The live discussion took place at the “Radiokulturhaus” and was aired in ORF 3 thereafter. Here you can find the abstract, the press release and the video in case you want to watch the whole discussion. Finally, I was invited as a studio guest to the radio broadcast “Punkt 1” at Ö1 “Das eingefärbte Fenster zur Welt“, where I spoke about alternative search engines and people could phone in and ask questions per email. Talk radio it is! 😉 – all in German.

Dr. Google: Wettbewerb um Aufmerksamkeit

My article “Dr. Google: Wettbewerb um Aufmerksamkeit” has been published on the website of the Austrian TV broadcast ORF :) Its aim is to summarize the main results from my PhD. It was really fun writing something less academic for a broader audience! Special thanks go to Lukas Wieselberg from the ORF for his support, to Thomas Müller from Textfeld, as well as Michael, Lisi, Florian & Uli, who figured as “pre-readers”! (photo credit: ORF/ Ewa Walicka,